TelcoServe’s business model can be summarised as follows:

  • TelcoServe secures leases with landlords at strategic building locations.
  • TelcoServe contracts with Mobile Operators under SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to provide DAS services at locations of interest from TelcoServe’s portfolio of sites that meet the required coverage and capacity requirements of the Mobile Operator at these locations.
  • TelcoServe designs, deploys, operates and maintains its DAS systems according to the SLA requirements.
  • A single DAS infrastructure can be used to provide services across multiple technologies (2G, 2.5G, 3G and 4G) to multiple Mobile Operators at the same location, with simple and cost effective technology and capacity upgrade paths.

TelcoServe’s Business Model results in a unique Value Proposition for Building Owners, Landlords and Mobile Operators alike:

Building Owners / Landlords Value Proposition

  • TelcoServe provides a single point of contact for landlords, even though multiple operators may be serviced on the site.
  • TelcoServe’s model results in additional revenue streams for the building owner, which also enhances the value of the property as it has an additional “tenant” with a long lease.
  • TelcoServe’s unique active DAS technology has low intrusion characteristics thereby enhancing speed of deployment and minimising disruption to facilities and business in the venue.
  • TelcoServe’s neutral host DAS solution allows several operators to be serviced off a single DAS infrastructure, thereby minimising future intrusion by different operators deploying different DAS systems.
  • The implementation of a worldclass DAS solution in the building improves the service that patrons receive in the building, increasing productivity, and enhancing the venue’s reputation in the eyes of the patron.
  • Building owners can provide their entire portfolio of sites to TelcoServe, allowing TelcoServe to market these on their behalf to the Mobile Operators.



Mobile Operators Value Proposition

  • The Mobile Operator leases the DAS solution from TelcoServe under a long term contract with no upfront capital commitment.
  • TelcoServe has secured strategic relationships with owners of premium sites. Mobile Operators can gain access to sites of interest within this portfolio which they otherwise may not have been able to gain access to, or which would have substantially increased their time to market due to the site acquisition process.
  • The Operator achieves improved performance on voice and data services in these locations as a result of utilising the TelcoServe DAS infrastructure. This in turn increases Operator revenues and provides significant technical advantages:
    • Improved coverage and penetration in building
    • Improved modulations and capacity on cell sites, enhancing spectral efficiency and network capacity
    • Reduced interference to neighbouring outside cells, freeing up capacity on existing base stations
  • TelcoServe acts as single point of contact for all issues pertaining to the DAS, which allows the Operator to streamline the personnel and resources that they would otherwise have to maintain if deploying DAS by themselves.
  • The Operator reduces resourcing and operational risk due to TelcoServe having the dedicated skills and expertise required for engaging and contracting building owners as well as deploying, operating and managing DAS solutions.