TelcoServe has skilled property agents, engineers, project managers, technicians and call centre staff to provide a complete end-to-end DAS service offering.

One of the key components of TelcoServe’s Value Proposition is its large portfolio of strategic properties that it has access to. TelcoServe’s property division acquires long term leases on buildings of interest and performs facilities management functions which include a landlord call centre to interface with building landlords. TelcoServe’s property portfolio includes buildings of all types that are suitable for DAS implementations. These are categorized and are typically distributed as follows:

Different DAS solutions provide different features and benefits. TelcoServe takes a best-of-breed approach to the technology solution, and designs unique solutions for each location based upon the required coverage, capacity, technologies to be distributed and the location’s sensitivity to disruption in order to define the optimal solution.

TelcoServe implements DAS systems that are capable of distributing multiple operators’ technologies and carriers in a carrier-of-carriers environment, and are future proof in terms of being able to provide service for future technologies, such as MIMO and LTE without requiring significant intrusion to upgrade them.

Physical pre- and post-build surveys are preformed to provide valuable input to RF design requirements and validate the performance of the DAS system post deployment against the Mobile Operator design requirements. Various parameters are captured to assure that the RF design calculations match up to the ‘real world’ environment.

All survey and walk test result are stored for future reference and scheduled maintenance activities.

TelcoServe has experienced project managers who understand the sensitivity of working in an operational environment and the importance of the intrusion factors for an Indoor DAS deployment. Special emphasis is placed on the requirement of each building in which we work, to ensure proper coordination and communication with the building and facilities management for the fastest, smoothest and safest installation possible.


TelcoServe makes use of the iBwave planning tool, which allows for full modelling of scenarios to predict signal propagation within complex buildings with a high degree of accuracy to meet the requirements of the Mobile Operators.

The installation of a DAS requires technical expertise, skilled personnel and attention to detail. It is crucial that the building owners’ on-going business operations are taken into account during the implementation.

Our combination of in-house and partner installation teams, allows us to offer the Mobile Operator a wealth of experience, with more than 100+ DAS installations done across Southern Africa, in venues such as Airports, Stadia, Corporate, Educational, Government, Hospitality and Gaming, Hospitals, and Manufacturing locations.

TelcoServe has the necessary infrastructure in place to provide its customers with 24/7 monitoring, support and maintenance, including a facility to log and track calls via a web based Helpdesk system. We maintain a core group of very experienced technicians who have the relevant skills to support all equipment that we operate.

All of TelcoServe’s DAS systems are actively monitored from a central NOC, and any problems arising are dealt with efficiently and according to our SLA’s with the Mobile Operators.

TelcoServe’s maintenance division maintains its DAS networks, performing various preventative, planned and emergency maintenance activities.