TelcoServe specialises in the design, deployment, operation and maintenance of in-building reception solutions, typically DAS (Distributed Antenna System) technologies, and the acquisition and management of leases at strategic locations in South Africa.

TelcoServe leases its DAS infrastructure to mobile operators against long term contracts, thereby allowing mobile operators to provide world class services to its end users in strategic locations without the need for capital investment of their own.

TelcoServe secures leases with landlords at strategic locations and has a property division that specializes in site acquisition and facilities management.

TelcoServe’s maintenance division monitors and maintains its DAS networks, as well as performing predictive and emergency maintenance activities.

TelcoServe has a national presence in all the main centres in South Africa, in order to construct and maintain its DAS networks.

To provide strategic and technical value to our customers by designing, deploying, operating and maintaining cost effective, non intrusive DAS solutions and providing access to these with a zero upfront Capex requirement for the Operator.

We take great pride in being able to offer our Customers our wealth of experience and access to world class products and venues through our key relationships with manufacturers and building owners/managers to assist in a rapid deployment of DAS solutions to meet the current and future needs of the telecommunications market.

TelcoServe was incorporated in 2011 and counts among its shareholders and management many influential business people in the telecommunications industry both in South Africa and internationally.